Friday, March 23, 2007


Tennesee 84
Ohio State 85

I mean just wow. I have four teams I seriously follow, and Ohio is the last one still in. I was all ready to write the obit on the season. Twenty freaking points down and they win it. Wow.

UPDATES. I've been looking around for indications of how OSU's comeback fits in history. The Beacon Journal notes that the biggest comeback ever was from 22 points down. OSU came back from a 17 point halftime deficit. That's the biggest ever comeback in the Sweet Sixteen or later, the biggest comeback to a win in regulation and the second biggest tournament comeback overall.

Next up is Memphis. If they can keep their hot free throw shooting pace from the second half, they should do well as Memphis is terrible at the stripe.


John Ettorre said...

I'm so pissed off today I could spit. In frustration, I turned it off at halftime. It never occurred to me they could come back from that. And so I missed it. DAMN!! Anyway, I won't make that mistake again.

Scott Piepho said...

Brutal, John.

I always wathc the first two minutes of the second half before giving up. You can generally tell if the team has any life by how they come out of the locker room. OSU wasn't completely on, but you could tell they were waking up.

ohdave said...

Pho, UT was up 17 at halftime but don't forget that was only because Lighty made a scooping shot at the buzzer that was followed by a free throw. So the lead was actually 20.

Amazing. Oden gets the press, but it's been Lewis and Conley that have bailed them out.

Calipari says he isn't worried about their ft shooting. We'll see.

John Ettorre said...

That's a good point about the first two minutes of the second half. I think you're right.