Saturday, March 10, 2007

And a Mighty Fearful Roo It Is.

Hell of a game last night. In the first half, they looked like a team counting the minutes to go home. They played flat, slow and confused. We don't know what Keith Dambrot said to them at halftime, but safe to say: 1) It didn't include the N-word and 2) It worked.

That was a completely different team in the second half. Generally I get nervous when a team that is trying to come back plays fast, but it's there game and it worked. Down 33-19 at the half, they outscored Kent State 42-21 in the second half.

Whatever heights Keith Dambrot and Jeremiah Woods reach in their careers, they surely will look back on this game as a defining moment.

Now on to Miami with whom they split the season in a pair of one-bucket games. If they win, they dance. If not, they don't have the resume to go in at-large, and may miss the NIT if that committee doesn't want two MAC teams since Toledo lost their semi.

For now, bask in the glow and consider this: If LeBron James had gone to college, this would be his senior year.


ohdave said...

Senior year... at Ohio State.

redhorse said...

Unlikely James would have split with Travis and Joyce, fwiw.

I missed most of the second half dozing. They looked great when I would briefly wake up, though!

You're right about winning tonight: win and dance. Otherwise, it's a battle to get into the NIT.