Monday, March 05, 2007

Scenes from the House of Pho

Background: Kid Z is a neatnick. W and I have no idea where she gets it. It certainly isn't from any modelling behavior on our part. The available evidence suggests that neatness is A) hereditary and B) recessive.

Kid T, in contrast, is the ubermess. If a room is picked up, T will mess it up for the sake of messing it up. Again, this isn't what she is seeing from us. And T, in her five-year-old way, is obsessed with money.

So the following is an actual dialogue between T and myself about a pile of loose change in our room:

    T: When are you going to take that to the bank?

    Pho: I dunno. Why?

    T: When you do, I want some.

    Pho: Why should you get some of our money?

    T: Because I don't have almost any.

    Pho: But you don't get money just because you don't have any. Like your sister gets money by doing things to help out.

    T: Like what?

    Pho: Like she keeps her room clean.

    T: BAAAHAAHAHAHA!!! That's a good one, dad.
*sigh* Seemed like such a good opening at the time.