Thursday, March 01, 2007

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I'm having trouble with the blog. Not Storm Worm trouble, but trouble nonetheless. A friend tells me he can't comment because Word Verification is buggy. And I've noticed my feed is very slow to load. And I've noticed that my feed on LeftyBlogs is completely messed up. For whatever reason, LB only reads my headlines meaning that it's reader doesn't see any "Local content key words," meaning I automatically get shunted into the All Other category. And the LB widgets only give you feed from the Ohio category, meaning that if you are surfing around

All of this means a few things. First, I'm once again seriously considering a change to a new platform. Or at least a fresh url that maybe won't be so riddled with problems and at the same time would give me a chance to rebrand away from being just The Akron Guy which I stopped being a long time ago.

Second, some tips for using this blog until maybe things straighten themselves out. First, if you desperately want me to know something, feel free to drop a line: pho197[at]hotmail[dot]com. And if you are better with the technical stuff than I (which means you have at least one whole clue), feel free to hit me with some advice.

Finally, my schedule, to the extent I keep one, is as follows. I try to write a longer, essay-type piece at night, then either post at night or first thing in the morning. By "night" I mean after around 9:00 when Kid T finally gets to sleep and generally before Jon Stewart begins at 11:00. If Stewart is in reruns you can maybe expect a later post. Then I try to put up one or two quickies in the morning before getting on with my actual life. That usually happens by 11:00 or sooner. If you are having trouble getting reads on me, this should give you some idea when it's best to surf by.

Always about customer service, here at the House of Pho.