Friday, March 09, 2007

Washington U Study of Ohio Schools Now Available

I asked and we received. Earlier this week the ABJ reported on a study by the U. Wash. Human Services Policy Center that put some numbers on what Ohio needs to spend. The ABJ now hosts a pdf copy of the working draft, with a link on the sidebar of the original story.

Also, you can hear Dennis Willard discuss the study on yesterday's 90.3 Reporter's Roundup. As he notes, the study crunches the numbers on eight possible scenarios -- that's why the range of cost estimates. I haven't read beyond the first page, but from what Willard says, the study assumes that the funding mix stays the same, so this is not a study about how the change the system to improve funding stability.

If, anything interesting pops up as I read through it, I'll post a follow-up.


Anonymous said...

I don't recall ever being so baffled by a school funding report. Is this the work of truly clueless policy analysts? Bona fide economists will state up front that "without improving teacher quality, all bets are off." The discussion must center on improving student achievement by teaching quality (improved professional development and improved curriculum).

Looks like a step backward from the Driscoll and Fleeter NCLB Cost Study, where the reviewers noted the possiblity of saving nearly one billion dollars annually by improving teacher quality through better professional development.