Monday, March 19, 2007

A New Stable for PsychoBilly

Our favorite horse in the blogosphere -- the red one -- has a new home and a fresh, clean stable. The new url is Bookmark it, blogroll it, and above all, read it.

Red has upgraded to Blogger2 and installed a very cool three-column template with adjustable colors. Can't say my middle-aged eyes are loving the white-text-on-azure color scheme, but Red says the final scheme isn't set yet.

Best of all, Red moved, but the digital schmutz that gave PBD a 10-minute download time did not move with him.


redhorse said...

Thanks, Pho.

Not married, but I'm engaged to the background color, so I need to find a text scheme that works.

For a quick fix, I changed the text to purple. That had the effect of making the red links blur. Ah, tinkering tonight.

Nice graphic. Ironically, that's similar to what I'd like done for the header, although I need to see more malice and less my little pony.

Pho said...

Yeah, "War Enters His Horse in the State Fair" wasn't the look I was hoping for, either, but it's a limited clip art collection. Nothing under "Apocalypse."

redhorse said...

Indeed, hard piece of art to come by. But you gotta admit, that ribbon's cute.