Saturday, March 31, 2007

O-H! I-O! vs Hoya Saxa: Final Four Preview

The Final Four is set like most everyone thought it would be. On our side, the Buckeyes face Georgetown. To make things interesting Jill Miller Zimon and I have a bet going. Whoever wins gets a brag post, with logo, on the loser's blog.

I've been a Northeast Ohio sports fan long enough to know better than to talk junk before a big game. If ever I was going to talk smack, it wouldn't be about this game. If Ohio wins, the certainly deserve to win it all. Georgetown is a tough team that plays brilliantly. They run a Princeton-style spread offence with top-caliber players.

The potency of Georgetown's style was on full display in the Regional Final against UNC. Carolina was a better team for about 36 minutes. Then they hit a wall. Georgetown simply wore them down and, by overtime, they had nothing left in the tank.

Ohio will have to play 40 minutes of near-perfect basketball to end the game far enough up that they can hold off a comeback. So far, they haven't done that. On the other hand, they've had the legs at the end of their games to comeback. Ohio has more talent 1-5 and on the bench. We'll see whether Thad Matta can neutralize the advantage of Georgetown's offensive style.


Anonymous said...


Hibbert and Oden cancel each other out. I'm more worried about Green. OSU has no one to match up with him which is why Matta will play a zone for much of the game. He will switch up, but look for zone most of the time. This keeps Oden out of foul trouble and negates the size advantage of Green.

In the end, I believe OSU's depth and quickness will win out.

Jill said...

It's a deal.

Now, I will tell you, yesterday morning on CNN, they were doing some silly thing with whales at Seaworld predicting who would win. One whale went for the teddy bear and one went for the gator. Then the clip ended. Why? Because CNN was too lazy to find a stuffed buckeye or Hoya. The tragedy of having such unique mascots.

Hoya Saxa baby! :)

Have I mentioned that I have to be at a wedding by 8:15pm about 5 mins from my house?

Jason Haas said...

Oh, Pho, you fell into the Princeton trap!! It's not a Princeton offense.

If anything, it resembles Bo Ryan's flex offense, imo.

Anonymous said...

c'mon redhorse its called the princeton offense because longtime Princeton BBall coach Pete Carril came up with it and its emphasis on sharp cuts. JTIII learned from yoda himself while he was there

Jason Haas said...

Thompson did learn from Carrill, but that doesn't mean he runs a clone offense.

Sharp cuts are not the defining characteristic of the Princeton offense. Nearly all offense sets use cuts of some sort. Even Knight's motion offense will take them if they are there.

The key is the back cut, which G'town rarely employs. Further, Carrill's offense didn't often bring the ball back out past the free throw line extended once it was inside the line. G'town will use the more traditional kick out when defenses sag or there's no play in the paint.

Anonymous said...

You know more hoops than me, I just knew it came from Carril-Oh and my name is honoring a request from Pho that anonymous people Identitify themselves as I'm a big pussy-incase nobody got the reference