Monday, March 12, 2007

Brief Updates on Sundry Annoyances.


I’ve been reloading elements on my sidebar, but Blogger won’t let me move them around. I can move them on the mock-up, but upon attempting to save, Blogger gives the message “An error has occurred. Please try again.” Which roughly translates to “something is screwed up on our end, but we can’t be bothered to actually fix it, so keep trying until you give up.”

So for now, I'm getting new stuff up, but it's chaos.

Akron Gets Hosed.

Mark Rasor, who is blogging Zips sports for the ABJ, has been on a tear about the double-barreled post-season dis of the Akron hoops team. From him we learn that the regular season league champ gets an automatic berth, explaining Toledo’s presence. And frankly it probably doesn’t happen that often that a clearly superior team is neither the regular season champ nor the tournament winner. Fine, but that doesn’t excuse ignoring a team with more wins than any in the field chosen.

Rasor has started a quixotic grassroots lobbying campaign. You can surf over and get contact info for the

Julio Pino.

A few bits of information that will have to suffice for developments. The Daily Kent Stater runs a story that, even considering this is student journalism, is sad and weak. Pino is still hiding behind the First Amendment which I find terrifically annoying. If he wants to express his opinions, he should express them and stand by them. He should let us have a spirited discussion of the outer bounds of dissenting speech. Instead, Pino is playing games with rights that he doesn’t actually seem to believe in when they protect someone other than him.

As a result, the spirited discussion is over his precise role in the Global War site. Into this information vacuum does flow the simple minded pronouncements of righties like self-appointed Pino antagonist Mike Adams. In Adams’ world, if Pino so much as passed a single news article on to Global War, he is, ipso facto, a terrorist. In a universe of Sartesian justice, Pino and Adams will end up in the same eternal Hellroom.

For what its worth, Adams claims the FBI and Ohio Republican lawmakers are sniffing around the case. Good luck with that. I’d like to see some subpoenas go out, but I’m not optimistic anything will come of it.