Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Julio Pino -- People Still Wondering

The officials at Kent State in charge of Julio Pino damage control apparently are using a “Run Silent/Run Deep” strategy, hoping to let the storm blow itself out. That’s been my assessment, shared by the ponies at the ‘Billy. Based on the metrics I have available, they have at least a few more days to go before it will be safe to let Pino surface again. Or even reach periscope depth.

First off, my stats continue to run hot, overwhelmingly driven by hits from searches for “Julio Pino” or “Lover of Angels” or “Global War” or some iteration of those themes. My little local blog is getting something close to a hundred hits a day on searches like that and today has been, if anything, hotter. God knows what's happening at TownHall or the big righty blogs.

So I checked Technorati. Blog posts on the story continue to pop up all over, despite the lack of new news.

I don't know which is more facinating to watch -- the story itself or the failure of traditional crisis PR to quell a blogstorm


Oldkelly said...

Yes, people are still wondering. The amazing thing is how many are really into this whole issue, but seem more than a bit confused by the sudden ceasefire by the local media.
Does that mean the problem has gone away, been corrected, what...

Of course when you consider that the KSU trustees' chairman is none other than a major Columbus PR exec, you wouldn't really expect them to thrash around and keep this story alive by actually answering questions.
It's much easier to trot out the "free speech" defense. Who can argue with that?
KSU ignores the blogosphere at its own peril, as does the local media.