Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brian Williams Receives Friend of Public Education Award

This is pretty much a no-brainer. From the Office of Rep. Williams:

    State Representative Brian G. Williams (Ohio House District 41) is spending an extra day at the Statehouse this week. Although no session is held on Friday, March 9th, Williams is occupied, as a guest of honor, at the 69th Annual Federation of Teachers (OFT) Convention at the Westin Columbus.
* * *
    The highlight of the Friday morning breakfast session is the award ceremony bestowing the celebrated “Friend of Public Education Award.” The OFT award is given to persons who are recognized for their outstanding contribution to the defense and improvement of public education. Past recipients include a list of well-acknowledged educators, public officials, policy experts, and publishers including among others: Joan Platz, Scott Oelslager, George Boas, Teresa Fedor, Policy Matters Ohio, and the Akron Beacon Editorial Page. Of this tribute Williams said: “This is a true honor for me, and brings full circle my background as an educator and school administrator with my newer role as an elected public servant. These have been very difficult years for public education in Ohio. While there are still many problems that have been perpetuated, I come to the Statehouse every week with a renewed sense of commitment to see the problems through to resolution! I am gratified that the teachers of Ohio recognize my dedication to our profession and to the students and their parents throughout Ohio.”
Congratulations to Rep. Williams.