Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'll be at the launch of Advance Northeast Ohio. This is the latest iteration of Voices and Choices/Fund for Our Economic Future.

I've had a fraught relationship with V&C since posting about my attendance at the Regional Town Meeting. On the one hand, it's always easy to be a cynic. On the other, a lot of good people have signed on at one time or another and, based on what David Abbott told us at my first-ever Meet the Bloggers, there's money available for projects. As an advocate for education -- one of V&C's priorities -- I can't pass up the opportunity to network with a potential ally, especially a well-funded one.

Also, the Voices posts pretty much put The Pages on the NEO blogospheric map, so this is kind of like going back to my alma mater or something. Except I don't expect they'll have rappers this time.

At this point, the hive mind experiment has concluded and the action begins. We find out what that means tomorrow. Stay Tuned.


redhorse said...

I hoped you'd make it tomorrow. I have a meeting all morning and don't think I'll get back in time.

George Nemeth said...

No rappers? I sure hope not.