Friday, March 02, 2007

Strickland Appoints Akron’s Heather Licata to Ohio Board of Education

This one is kind of personal to me. As you might imagine as you read, I've been sitting on it for a while.

A little over four years ago now, I decided to quit working and take care of kids full time. My wife knew I would get bored and frustrated and suggested an outlet. I had been a child advocate in my work, and the President of the PTA at our daughter’s school was interested in starting an advocacy committee there.

That’s how I met Heather Licata. From the start, we became great friends. She supported me in the group as I got the Advocacy Committee off the ground. Since then, our kids moved on from that school, but we've kept in touch and I've stayed on the road she started me on. All you read here about my involvement in education wouldn't have happened without someone getting me going, and that someone was Heather.

Over time I learned a little more about her background – daughter of a successful local businessman, stay at home mom, active on a number of community boards.

And very active in politics. She was an early supporter of Ted Strickland’s campaign for Governor. MTB participants may remember her attendance at the sessions with Betty Sutton as she ran in the 13th primary and Eileen Shapiro as she campaigned for Akron City Council.

Happily, this is more than an appointment of a political ally. Heather is bright and energetic, experienced in working on community boards and dedicated to improving education in Ohio. She will be an excellent addition to the Board and should do quite well as a campaigner when the time comes.

The presser for this and other appointments is up at the Gov site:

    “Heather’s approach to educational issues reflects the utmost importance of a quality, affordable education at the local levels,” Strickland said. “She has been a leader in educational and community activities in the Akron area, and I know she will draw from these experiences as a member of the State Board of Education.”

Congratulations, Heather. You’ll do us proud.


redhorse said...

Hmm...wonder if she'll need some help on that campaign? :)

I'll second your notion: this is a positive for the board and District 7.

And can I just say how tedious it is to open IE just to post a comment? feel like a foul mouthed Winny the Pooh: oh, &*%%^(*)& bother.

Jill said...

Scott, is she related to the attorney, Lou Licata?

bonobo said...

I swear this wasn't up when I started working on my post at BSB, so I'm guessing that what you meant was that you were sitting on this until I got around to asking you for it. :)

Pho said...


I'm reasonably sure she is not. If so, it's by marriage.


No worries. Thanks for the linkage.

Jill said...

Ditto your impression on connection. Also - thanks for your info here - sounds like a really wonderful choice.

RJM said...

Whoopee! This should be a plus all around. Congratulations to Heather, and thanks for the heads up.

Molly Benedum said...

I don't know Ms. Licata, but Scott, I know you are very connected to the Akron Education Community. If she gets your stamp of approval that's good enough for me.

Congratulations to Ms. Licata!

Anonymous said...

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