Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome Next Steppers

If you didn't know that I, Scott Piepho, your humble organizer is also a blogger, welcome. Sheila sent out the link directing you because I've deconstructing the education amendment section-by-section. I'm about halfway through. So this post will guide you through what I've done so far.

Generally, you can access my writings on education policy by clicking through the "Academically Challenged" label.

My posts specifically on the amendment are as follows:
Sections A and B
Sections C and D
Sections D (con't) and E
Section E, con't
Section (E)(3)

And the rest will be covered in future posts.


Eric said...

Bad as an unconstitutional over-reliance on property taxes may be, is GIRFOF a reasonable alternative? What incentive would there be for a "Contract with the Community" if the state were constitutionally mandated to pony up for a high quality education? Should the state pick up the tab for urban districts that have higher administrative costs than Akron?

Pho said...

Eric you probably want to read my commentaries on the amendment before leaping to the conclusion that I'm in full support of it.

Eric said...

Shhh... It could be I posed rhetorical questions as a devil's advocate, lest you be tempted yourself. (I'm genuinely impressed that you avoided the phrases "Keystone Cops" and "Dead on Arrival" in your analyses.)

Given the legitimate goal of implementing DeRolph, what is gained by going where the Court refused to go: declaring a fundamental right?

How does Plusquellic feel about time spent working with the amendment's sponsors? "I have spent the last two years with other Ohio mayors and education leaders trying to accomplish what some of our elected state legislators have refused to do. ... vote against those in Columbus who are responsible for the mess we're in"

Looking at "the mess we're in," I'd conclude that not all "those in Columbus who are responsible" are elected.