Saturday, February 17, 2007

Iraq War Resolution -- Ohio Delegation Roundup.

The nonbinding resolution against the escalation in Iraq passed 246 to 182. Few defected on either side. The Ohio Dems all voted in favor and most, if not all of them spoke from the floor. Kudos to the office of Nancy Pelosi which has been posting speeches on YouTube. Tim Ryan wowed people all over the blogosphere. The speech by Tim Walz (D-Minn) was my favorite until I saw this.

Not only is he commanding at the podium, I like that he got under someone's skin and like even better that he would not back down when whoever was giving him the business from the galley.

Betty Sutton's floor speech was much the same as her speech in committee. One difference of interest to long-term Betty watchers -- New suit!

Rep. Charlie Wilson didn't get on Pelosi's hit parade, but BSB got a vid up.

I don't know if Marcy Kaptur spoke on this resolution, but you can see her argue against a Republican resolution in favor of the war last summer if you want an idea of what it would have sounded like. Also no word on whether Stephanie Tubbs Jones spoke or whether Dennis Kucinich yelled "WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!" one more time.

Zack Space spoke and wasn't all that great. I can't find it on YouTube and wouldn't be at all surprise if Team Pelosi declined to post it. Pretty much a standard speech, not much presence at the podium and he got horribly flustered when he ran out of time.

By the way, Steve LaTourette of the 17 Republicans who voted in favor of the Dems resolution. I'll try to update with a link. For now I'll just say I saw it on C-Span.

UPDATE: has a story running down the regional members.


Village Green said...

Someobody with time and the means ought to put together a clip running together clips from all the inane and downright illiterate speeches given in opposition to the resolution. I heard some wretched grammar spoken out loud that made my skin crawl -- not to mention the lintany of worn out old excuses why the herd is sticking with their Decider in Chief.