Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Food Blogging

Last night's dinner: Enchilosas.

Recently I purchased from our local natural foods store what was amusingly labelled "Samosas." Everyone knows that true samosas are deep-fried, preferably in heart-clogging palm kernel oil. These were not actual samosas so much as potatoe and vegetable mixture wrapped in flatbread and baked. They were burritos with Indian flavors. Call them samurittos.

The kids liked the samurittos, so I tried going one better. The filling is potato cooked with tumeric, carraway and celery seeds, then combined with peas, basmati rice and cottage cheese. The sauce is carrots and tomato cooked with curry powder in veggie broth and worked over with a stick blender. I wrapped the filling in whole wheat flatbread, and sauced it for enchilladas made with Indian flavors or enchillosos.

My knowledge of Indian cuisine stops at about the Moosewood Cookbook level. It's a testament to the cuisine that one can put together a meal like this with just the most cursory understanding of the magic of Indian flavors.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

I love the Mustard Seed Market!

I'm going to check the one down here in Montrose to see if they have some cranberry bread that real whole grain wheat.

Your dinner looks yummy!