Sunday, February 25, 2007

The House of Pho Is Being Assimilated

This is what our entry hall closet currently looks like:

All the snow from the winter snow caused an ice dam on our roof which, when the snow melted, sent runoff into the house, particularly into the lintel of that closet. Fortunately, after a similar problem a couple of years ago we found a remediation company that uses high-end equipment to minimize the damage. That's an industrial-strength dehumidifier pumping super-dried air into the walls through the yellow tubes that provide the Borg effect.

It's noisy and messy, but beats ripping out plaster walls by a long shot.


paul said...

Resistance is futile!

redhorse said...

I've got a hella chunk of ice in the gutter along the upper roof line on the back (north) side of my house.

That gutter is well beyond my ladder limit, so I'm hoping it melts quickly enough to save the gutter from buckling under its weight and slow enough not to enter the house.