Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Anna Nicole Saga Goes Surreal

Just when you think this story couldn't get more sordid, bizarre or dispiriting:

Did they meet at some sort of intergenerational club of bleached blondes famous for being famous? Jesus Horace Horatio Christ, how do you even comment on this?

Except to say that if we find out that Nancy Sinatra is somehow involved, I give up. I'm checking out. I'm moving the family to Bhutan or something.


redhorse said...

yeah, that was...yeah. FREAKING BIZARRE!!!

Jill said...

My significant other took a break from Sabbath peace to read me that part of the NYT story. Yup. Freaking bizarre. Sounds like an epitaph.

Lisa Renee said...

The only bright spot I could find is at least with the paternity testing they have a credible chance in discovering who the father really is.

Cee Jay said...

Zsa Zsa hasn't gotten much publicity lately, guess this was one way they could grab some. Makes me yearn for a long distance hike where I could escape from the insanity for awhile.