Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back Up to Full Speed

And then some.

Continuing my tradition of giving shout-outs to people who offer good service, meet my new computer guy. We still can't figure out quite what went wrong with my laptop, but now it works. What's more, Dennis at Affordable Computer has eliminated my Norton Antivirus bloatware problems, cleaned both my laptop and my desktop and may even be able to address a pesky problem with the laptop touchpad. All at a very reasonable price and with free pickup and drop-off.

I actually was on my way out the door to take the laptop to the big box where I bought it -- call it PuterAmerica. I decided to take my chances looking through the phone book and found this guy. And basically it was calling central casting and having them send Computer Guy over. But PuterAmerica's bench fee (what they charge to be bothered to look at your machine) is more than Dennis charged for the whole job.

So if you are in Akron and need some quick computing help, call Dennis and tell him Pho sent you. (And if you are in Cleveland, you know to call George, right?)


Michael said...

How much did he charge you Scott? Just a curious-computer-repairman-from-Canton sizing-up-the-competition-type-question.

(Free p/u and return? Already killing me.)

Pho said...

$40/hour, $40 diagnosis fee that he offsets against the total price if you go forward with repairs.

Michael said...

I need to charge more...