Sunday, February 11, 2007

MTB Enters the Permanent Record

From an editorial in the Dover-New Philly Times-Reporter:

    While campaigning for the job in 2006, [Governor Ted Strickland] had this to say in a meeting with bloggers: “I’m going to try to communicate to the people of this state that we’re never going to have a healthy economy. We’re never going to be a healthy state if we don’t address this issue.”
Here's the original.

Blogging, and news coverage for that matter, tends so much to be about the news cycle. You can make yourself nuts trying to post as much as possible of the news of the day. MTB gives us a chance to step out of that and create something lasting. When it comes to candidates, we now have a record of what they promised. The fact that the ed. writers turned to MTB is but one example of how citizen journalism can add to poltical discourse.


redhorse said...

That paper should be familiar with MTB from the commercials run against Zack Space in the 18th. The commercials appropriated an MTB quote without permission.

boringmadedull said...

I've only been to a few MTB events (Betty Sutton, and Capri Cafaro). Unfortunately, they're pretty Cleveland focused, and often inconvienent for us working stiffs with families. But that's life.

I'm still steamed that my car broke down and I couldn't get to the Tom Sawyer session...

That aside, George and the others have done good work with MTB, and I hope to make a few more sessions.

For politicians, MTB is a dangerous format - getting grilled by a bunch of amateurs who come from all corners of the map - and then post transcripts as well as op eds.

Jill said...

I agree with what you say BMD, but, but, but... we vote just like everyone else, and probably are more likely to vote than many others. We shouldn't underestimate that. IMO

boringmadedull said...


I read someplace - probably some right wing screed - that if you are a political blogger, or spend much time reading political blogs, you are not normal.

IMO, a huge part of the genius of America is that politics, for most people, isn't very important.

and what's up with vdnczbhe as a word verification?