Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Observe the Snow

Columnist Cecil Adams, author of The Straight Dope, once wrote a column about the Inuit language in which he said he was working on a sentence that would translate to, “Look at all this fucking snow.” At that point he had, “Observe the snow, it fornicates.” My initial observation was that the Blizzard of Valentines Day 2007 fornicates.

We had just shy of 14 inches in the driveway. It makes me crazy how a storm likes this takes me out of my life. I had two meetings lined up yesterday – cancelled. I planned a bunch of stuff around the house today – had to shovel. Tomorrow I have to cover a meeting for someone else that got rescheduled because of the snow.

But keeping an open mind about it, a day like today can serve as a reminder that the ToDo list isn’t the sum total of my life. So I just junked the day and enjoyed some time with my family – both kids and Prof. W were off. And I watched for the detail of the storm – the uninterrupted slope that was my back steps, the geological strata on the roof of the van, the gravity and wind defying snow filling the kids swings.

So tomorrow life will start again. I’ll fight the good fight about the budget, fret about what to do about the GIRFOF and work on a couple of projects that may be my next steps. Today was something else.

ADDENDUM. Shortly after composing the above, I learned that APS is closed again tomorrow, this time because of a wind chill warning. The snow is pretty, the wind fornicates.


redhorse said...

That last line is solid.

Quick calculations: with Friday and Monday already off-days for the little beauties, that means of the last 11 potential school days, the kids will have had 7 freaking off. Parents aren't made for this, we destruct under the certain weight of children's expectations.

mencken said...

Bad yes, but not exactly Katrina.