Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dinner Blogging: Celebrating Tet

This past week, we've been celebrating Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. We do what we can to help Kid T get in touch with her heritage. Part of the effort is celebrating Tet and making the odd authentic dish (Me! Using a recipe! Only for my kids.)

Dinner Thursday night was Roast Beef with Ginger. It's filet broiled med rare, then sliced and garnished. That's cilantro and shredded scallion you see. Plus the meat is dusted with roasted rice powder which is just dry rice browned in a skillet and ground. The sauce is tu'ong -- the Vietnamese equivalent of soy sauce -- flavored with garlic, ginger and sugar.


bryan said...

pho, next time you and the fam are in columbus, you should stop by siagon palace downtown. the food is simply amazing -- they specialize in an odd mix of indonesian and vietnamese. there is also a terrific vietnamese "fast food" place at north market. they have wonder vietnamese sandwiches and a dish called "broken rice." i've been told the pho is the best in ohio.

Paula Neal Mooney said...'re making me hungry.