Monday, February 26, 2007

Strickland to Veto Paris Hilton Tax Cut?

A friend writes that the following was in today's PD:

    Strickland said it is "highly likely" that he would veto a proposal by House Republicans to cut or eliminate Ohio's estate tax.
Neither my friend nor I can find it online, but the PD's internets stuff seems to be hurting today. I haven't gotten my headlines email yet and the

Anyway, the estate tax cut looked to me like political posturing on the Republicans' part. The budget is tight, the cut would benefit wealthy taxpayers who have already benefitted disproportionately from the last round of tax cuts, the supposed case for the cut on economic development grounds doesn't pass the straight face test and the regressive sales tax hike still sits on the books.

The Republicans could have shoved this through the lame duck session, but they concentrated on a firearms bill that Strickland would have signed but Taft vetoed. They held this back to put the most unpalatable tax cut imaginabel in front of Strickland to test his resolve and build the "Taxing Ted" meme. Good for Ted resolving not to back down to policy bullying.


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