Friday, June 08, 2007

The Summit Co. Executive Race Is On.

Redhorse said it first: the jockeying to succeed Summit County Executive Jim McCarthy will be high family drama within the local Dem party. Now we know who two of the dramatis personae will be. Attorney and Summit Co. Dem Chair Russ Pry and County Council member Tim Crawford.

I've watched these contests before. It's basically about hearts and minds of the Exec. Committee and the precinct chairs. Nothing for a blogger to do but get the popcorn and sit back and watch.


Anonymous said...

Both these candidates are weak. Are we giving the Republicans a chance here? County Exec is huge because of all the jobs he or she controls.

Kevin Coughlin, Mary Taylor, Mike Callahan.... I'm sure they have others lined up. Of course, knowing their chairman, he probably will not put anyone up for the job. I'm sure A-lix has got some deal worked out that puts money in his pocket.

Scott Piepho said...

Well Mary Taylor is kind of busy now and Coughlin is running for Governor. I don't disagree that the candidates have their weaknesses, but Callahan has lost his last two elections. I'm sure there are strong R's out there interested in the post.

The other question is whether it matters in a county that increasingly trends R despite the A-Squared machine.

George Nemeth said...

Should we be setting up meet.the.bloggers* interviews?