Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Post-Triptophan Randomness

OK, as usual to get back into blogging mode, I need something easy, something trivial, something . . . random.

Ran across this from xkcd in my Reader:

Which also frequently depicts the Random Ten experience for me. Take, for example, the current list:

  1. Raconteurs, “Old Enough”
  2. 3D, “Listen to the Radio”
  3. Sixpence None the Richer, “Breathe Your Name”
  4. AC DC, “Hell’s Bells”
  5. Beck, “Peaches and Cream”
  6. Social Distortion, “Cold Feelings”
  7. The Jam, “Precious”
  8. Five for Fighting, “Maybe I”
  9. Dwight Yoakum, “Throughout All Time”
  10. Alison Krauss and Union Station, “I’m Gone”
OK, yea, so I kinda like Sixpence None the Richer. I know I'm not supposed to. No doubt some of you are tuning up: they are bland MOR adult-pop that straddles the mainstream and Contemporary Christian markets. What's your deal Pho? Personally Leigh Nash's voice appeals and they come up with crazy good pop hooks.

Probably I wouldn't pay for it, but their weird crossover "Breathe Your Name" was a free promo download. It's exactly the sort of Christian pop song South Park sent up -- it sounds like a deeply romantic uptempo ballad until you dig into the lyrics.

Anyway. I've never liked it better than as a lead-in to "Hell's Bells."

Some thoughts on stuff:

I missed blogging on the lead up, but much thanks and kudos to both Akron City Council and Summit County Council for their votes for ordinances banning sexual orientation discrimination.

The big news today of course is the President's speech outlining the revised strategy for the Afghanistan war. I part ways with many of my compatriots on the left on this one -- and increasingly with Americans generally. Failure in Afghanistan would be devastating. I'm happy the President is willing to continue to pursue a successful resolution, notwithstanding the popular sentiment. More later.

In tomorrow's Legal News column I take on Stupak-Pitts. Again, more to follow.

I have an early start tomorrow, so that will have to do for tonight.