Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eric Mansfield's Blog is Now a Real Blog

Eric announced on his not-a-real-platform blog that his blog is also being cross-posted on a Blogger blog. Happy days. He's in my reader and now added to the Greater Akron blogroll.

Best of all, I can refer you to specific posts like this one about the latest blow-up between Mayor Don Plusquellec and Chief of Police Mike Matulavitch. I don't agree with Eric's characterization as a "storm brewing." More like business as usual.

It's not all bad that the Mayor and the police don't dance. The fact that he is able to maintain political power without currying favor from the police has advantages. For one thing, the Mayor is management. When it comes to labor negotiations the Mayor can act like management.

And when there is a use of force case like Demetrus Vinson, level-headed people can have an extra measure of confidence that the investigation is solid.