Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Around the Horn

Not surprisingly, I came home to plenty of high-quality blogging. Here's the best of what's out there.

  • Redhorse and I are charter members of the Eric Mansfield Blog Fan Club. If you read nothing else about the Jessie Davis case, read Eric's behind-the-scenes diary of covering a nationalized story as one of the local guys. I especially love how he outs the callousness and incompetence of the national broadcast outlets. He does it mostly by simply laying out the facts, but oh what damning fact they are. So far he's dished on Greta Van Sustern, two of the network morning shows and the CNN crawl.
  • It's hard to blog about the revelation that Dick Cheney believes he is bound by essentially no rules whatsoever. It was such a combination of "WTF!?!?!" and "Well, I guess we knew that." Nonetheless, Dave at ProgressOhio has posted some interesting material, including a plan by Rahm Emmanuel to defund his office and links to the WaPo story about Republican efforts to show Cheney the door.
  • Yesterday Jerid posted his one-on-one interview with far-end-of-the-stage Presidential candidate Chris Dodd.
  • BlogginRyan, erstwhile NE Ohioan, has some tough words for BSB and Plunderbund. The points he raises are worth considering.
  • OMW has been following the huge media story. No, not Jessie Davis. That Clear Channel has put five NEO radio stations into trust for eventual sale. They broke the story Friday and have a Monday post up speculating on what it all means.
  • Religion Clause notes that a Hindu chaplain will deliver the opening invocation before the U.S. Senate.
  • John Ettore comments on a new list of 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know. A list like this is generally good mainly as an argument starter. Personally, I would have put a plug in for "crepuscular." If James Lipton ever asks my favorite word, that's definitely in the running.
  • Finally, a heartfelt farewell to Chris Adams at Ohio 2nd. He and Mrs. Editor have moved to Philadelphia and, while Karen promises to post from time to time, I assume the commute to the Second District will be a bit much for Chris to keep up with the day-to-day. Chris wrote the book on blogging one race as he followed to Ohio 2nd special election, then parlayed that into a dual track blog, keeping one eye on the Second and the other on the rest of political happenings. We have been poorer for his diminished activity since the election, and will be poorer still with his absence. Best of luck to the Editors in their new venture.

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JK said...


Interesting comments about BSB.

Also, your comment on OH-2 is entirely inaccurate. First, there is no one called Chris Adams (it's Chris Baker). Second, Karen Adams, a former Ohio blogger/commenter wrote the post is moving.


Anonymous said...

not to mention Chris's "commute to the Ohio 2d" went on the entire time the blog has existed, as he doesn't and hasn't ever lived there. Phacts are Phunny things, i guess.

Scott Piepho said...

Yes, Tim. My mention to the commute from Philly was a reference to that controversy.

Apologies to Chris et al. Something didn't seem right about the post and I made a mental note to do more checking after filling in the links. Then, as often happens, my mental note got misplaced as I tried to get the post done and get off to bed.

John Ettorre said...

Re: your favorite word--so noted. I rather like the sound of it too.