Monday, June 11, 2007

Boccieri Kick-off by Pho and CQPolitics

That was fast. The kick-off rally for State Sen. John Boccieri's campaign for the 16th Congressional district ended at around 4:00. CQ Politics has their article up now, at 8:15.

The CQ piece notes Strickland's appearance and the Senator's admonition that the troops should be brought home "safely, honorably and soon."

A few other observations from the day. In addition to Stickland, State Treasurer Richard Cordray and Stark County Dem Chair Johnnie Maier helped introduce him. In addition to them, state legislators Capri Cafaro, Steve Dyer and Mark Okey were there. And many of the usual Stark County suspects: Clerk of Courts Phil Giavasis, Canton Law Director Joe Martuccio, North Canton Chief of Staff Earle Wise and staff reps from the Stark County Prosecutor's office also attended.

All of which is to say, yes this is the hot race of the moment.

Back to the CQP article. They are cautiously bullish on Boccieri's chances:

    The district in which the two seek to run is located in northeast Ohio and includes the city of Canton. Though the region has a long Republican tradition, it is not quite an overwhelming GOP stronghold these days. District voters favored President Bush in 2004, but his 54 percent to 46 percent edge over Democrat John Kerry was fairly modest.
So how did Boccieri do? His kick-off speech was OK, but just OK. It included a few problematic word choices and the Hoover backdrop was a less-than-perfect fit for his fair trade/economic populist message.

I got to listen in on press availability time and he was stronger there. A reporter asked if trade was the reason for the Hoover closing and he laid out a reasonable case that trade policies are indirectly responsible.

Working the room afterward Boccieri hit stride. As someone who has trouble working the room at his own birthday party, I'm always amazed to watch someone do it well and Boccieri is a pro. If Regula stays in the race, Boccieri will run him from one end of the district to the other and will make friends at every stop.

I'm having digital camera issues. If I got decent shots I'll post them. If not, not. Also, keep an eye on Ohio Daily as YDS was there.