Sunday, June 03, 2007

Is Anybody Goin's to San Antone?


The last time a team from Cleveland won it all I was busy being born. Now we again have a chance.

And BOOOBY!! It's a great night when you can see a young player step up huge in the biggest game of his life. Daniel Gibson was just stupid from outside the arc. If he can grow into a consistent outside threat, the Cavs could start a dynasty in the East.

It was damned impressed with LeBron early in the game. Everyone knew that after his All-World performance last game, Detroit was going to collapse on him. And they did, the first quarter they pretty much didn't give him a shot. He stayed within the game as it unfolded, he dished, he made everyone better and he waited for things to open up.

And they did, but the Cavs won going away on a night that LeBron didn't get his first field goal until the second half.

One last thing. I was surfing while watching. Within ten minutes of the end of the game I found this on the Wikipedia page for the Detroit Pistons:

Cool thing, the Internets.