Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nikki Giavasis Cares

Earlier this week the papers revealed that Bobbie Cutts, Jr., the suspect in the Jessie Davis slaying, has a daughter by one Nikki Giavasis who lived in Stark Co. and went to Malone College Walsh University there. It turns out, Ms. Giavasis is now an actress/model/author/former fitness competitor and generally Z List celebwannabe. She has given interviews saying that Cutts abused her.

Now she has a new tag to add: Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate. According to the Google page, on June 26, a couple days after her link to the case broke, her website became the site for Nikki Giavasis, Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate. A site whose sole functionality as of
this writing is to refer the reader to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Here's the Google search result:

And here's how Nikki's page looks tonight:

Well, thank God. Now that the woman who played "Spectator" in Tin Cup is on board, we'll have this DV thing solved in no time.

Now some cynics may look at the fact that Ms. Giavasis hired an attorney and a PR firm to handle interview requests and conclude that she is using her role in a crushing tragedy to promote a career that currently is stalled at off-off lead pictorial in FHM. Oh, for shame people. She's taking time out of her busy schedule to make sure the papers spell her name right and all you can do is pick.

By the way, she's also got ties to NBA'er Shawn Kemp and to the WWE where the wrestler who killed his family and himself performed, but I'm so not going there.

As Eric Mansfield points out today, Nikki shares an uncommon surname with Phil Giavasis, the Stark County Clerk of Common Pleas. Actually, two Stark Co. officials share the name, Phil, and his brother Plain Township trustee Lou. I started down this sordid road because I've worked with both Phil and Lou in the past and was curious whether there was any relation with Nikki. As far as I can tell, it's a coincidence.


Anonymous said...

Correction. Nikki attended Walsh University in North Canton not Malone Collage.

Also, she is in fact related to both Phil and Lou. Both men are brothers of her father making them her uncles. I am sure this information is hard to find given the obvious embarrasment to both men. She is a disgrace.

Her comments in inverviews can not be backed up by any legal records. Nikki claims to have been tormented by Bobby for 10 years, yet she failed to ever report him. Okay, okay, so she had a restraining order against him after he forced entry into her duplex. For god's sake..Shawn Kemp was in the house at that time, with Bobby's baby daughter!!

This girl is clearly using this horribly situation as an oppurtunity to get her name out, and all of sudden is a domestic violence advocate..please!

In another interview she stated that Bobby was never around for their daughter; however, Nikki denied that Bobby was the father of the girl for years, Nikki denied Bobby signing the child's birth certificate.

Z list celebwannable? I agree 100% with you post.

Anonymous said...

Well she's not much to look at.... but she does have big boobs and an awesome ass! (The badonkadonk makes up for a lotta faults! lol)

Anonymous said...

Idiots cutts' is not the dad. him stealing the daughter was an even bigger offense and it's being concealed right now to cover up the fault of the canton court and legal system w/ police.
read the court documents - she reported him since 98 through 2007

Anonymous said...

I will first address the beginning of your attempted approach of a sentence. “Idiots cutts' is not the dad” There is no “if” involved with DNA paternity tests, the father can be proved or disproved without any doubts. Are you aware of the fact that a court-approved test has been performed in this situation? Are you even aware that a court-approved testing involves the use of collection of the samples by licensed personnel who also verify the identity of the person who is providing the samples? Which part of 99.9% accuracy do you not understand?

You stated “him stealing his daughter was an even bigger offense”, a bigger offense than what exactly? This is a complete false accusation. Once again, you do not have any facts.

During Nikki’s visit to Canton, OH she abandoned their daughter (i.e., Nikki & Bobby’s daughter) leaving the poor little girl with her family. When Bobby became aware of the situation, the courts became involved and Bobby was granted temporary custody. Please advise as to your definition of “stealing”, because the last time I checked, stealing involves taking without permission or right.

Next, you stated “and it's being concealed right now to cover up the fault of the canton court and legal system w/ police.” This claim hardly needs a response and is completely absurd. Ahhhh, a conspiracy theorist. You clearly believe that Bobby had the entire court and legal system under his thumb..You know, I did hear he was quite the charmer….
Are you one of those people who believe the Apollo Astronauts didn’t land on the Moon? Perhaps you also think Elvis is still alive?

Finally, “read the court documents - she reported him since 98 through 2007”
I have access to court documents. Bobby has 1 hit against him relating to Nikki for aggravated trespassing on Dec. 14, 1998 and we all know the circumstance that pertains to. Are you aware that Nikki dropped those charges? Other than his current charge and the previously noted charge, Bobby’s additional listings are for traffic and civil cases only; he has no other criminal charges. Nikki never reported him, simply because Bobby never abused her. I assure you, her actions and behavior where not of a woman who feared for her life. Perhaps you should dig a bit deeper into Nikki’s past, the deceitfulness and treachery you will unravel will astonish you. It is extremely evident that you do not know her on a personal level. You need to recheck your sources and while you are there, feel free to look up Nikki’s charge of “Interference with child custody” on June 30, 2005. Perhaps that was a conspiracy too….

You really ought to make sure you facts are in line prior to making such ridiculous statements for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

of course nikki is related to them but there dad is her dads brother so they are cousins and i should know im like here secound or 3 sousin!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

"I think definitely he'd be the only suspect," she told Fox. This quote seems to sum up who was right. Maybe you should research the dr reports and restraining orders that were agst cutts. the fact have proven themselves for giavasis. She said he was only suspect, she war right. anything he did in his time as an officer was proven in various online sources w/ his history as an officer. those weren't manipulated lies by a woman, they're proven facts. it's sad when people try to attack victims instead of applauding them when they speak out for justice.

Accoring to the network Cutts did not respond to attempts
to interview him, but several friends and family members
told Fox News there is no way Cutts would try to harm

Anonymous said...

Bobby is a double murderer. He lied and let Jessie's body decompose as he tried to act like he didn't do it. Nikki spoke out and said she thought it was Cutts and she is the one at fault? Pho you are full of intelligence obviously. Do your research before u blog. All Giavasis' facts were backed up and what does that have to do with her relation to other Giavasis'? lol this is funny.
restraining order against a guy who she obviously said wasn't the father. cutts is a stalker. even his mom said giavasis told him he wasn't the father. he should have been jailed long before the double murder. it could have been prevented if people listened 10 years ago. pho work on the journalism. this is terrible.

Anonymous said...

LOL! She is related to both Phil Giavasis and Louis Giavasis. They are cousins. Their fathers are brothers. FYI, anyone in the world with the name "Giavasis" is related, because there's only one family with the name.....and they all originate from Kalymnos Greece. Let it known though, Nikki knows ZERO about being Greek, she knowes ZERO about the rest of her family. She has slept around al of her life, much like a whore would work the streets. She has played the "let me sleep with people in order to make my money" most of her adult life. She has mutliple kids from multiple pro athletes, and to top it off her child support checks exceed $30,000/mth. No, there's top it off, even after having all of this money in her pocket, her mother remains in assisted care (word has it she is unstable, but Nikki does nothing to help her situation), and Nikki is so far from the core of her family she may as well live on Mars.

Unknown said...

None of you trolls know the truth about Giavasis .
I do enjoy the "anonymous" names , way to stand behind your lies.
In my book you can all take a
Long Dirt Nap