Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Musing and Random Songs

This has been an especially good week for comments. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a couple of lively discussions and apologies to those I didn’t directly respond to. A special shout out to I’m a Big Pussy who picked me up in the special ed voucher discussion when I was occupied with kids.

Generally it’s getting more difficult to get posts up as the full summer schedule takes effect. To everyone who continues to stop by for increasingly slim pickings, thanks for your loyal support.

Today is iPhone day. Tomorrow at midnight is the quarterly fundraising reporting deadline, so the candidates are wearing out my phone lines and filling my inbox. Also this weekend in the Boston Mills ArtFest. Hopefully no devastating flood this year.

I got my first bit of blogger swag – a comp copy of Abe Zaidan’s Portraits of Power. If you are unfamiliar, Zaidan was something of a doyen of Ohio political reporters from mid-century on. Now he and John Green have compiled a collection of his best pieces with some extra commentary. I’m reading it to do a full review. Though that wasn’t a condition on the comp

Anyway, in honor of the week’s events, I’ve skipped ahead to the transition from Kucinich to Voinovich in Cleveland. I’m reminded how crucial Voinovich was to turning Ohio from purple to red. It’s ironic to see the right throw him under the bus this week for having the nerve to speak obvious truths.

Speaking of local authors, I was just at Borders on other business and didn’t see Connie Schultz’s book anywhere. The computer catalog said it is “probably in store,” but it wasn’t displayed among the noteworthy new books, the political books or local authors. Odd.

I don’t get Springsteen’s live album. It’s basically a live version of the album of folk standards he just put out which itself sounds pretty much live in studio. Why would I drop $25 for an album I already have, with some redo’s of Nebraska songs thrown in?

I’m addicted to Top Chef and am in the market for people blogging the show well. If anyone has seen a particularly good Top Chef blogger, drop it in comments. TIA.

Now here it is, your moment of ten:

1. “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly),” Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot
2. “Becuz,” Sonic Youth
3. “Delia’s Gone,” Johnny Cash
4. “Strange Loop,” Liz Phair
5. “Make Love to Me,” B.B. King
6. “Cretin Hop,” The Ramones
7. “Dance Hall,” Modest Mouse
8. “Field Day for the Sundays,” Wire
9. “Talk About Suffering,” Greg Graffin
10. “Black Wind Blowing,” Billy Bragg and Wilco


Anonymous said...

Television without pity always has insightful critiques of reality shows by episode. It's not a blog but a quick read with good recaps.