Monday, June 04, 2007

Farewell to Paul and Welcome to Carnival v. 2.0

Today Paul Miller at Newshound announced that he is moving on from both blogging and his general online news business. It's a sad day that I've known was coming for a couple of weeks now.

Paul is a guy with whom I agree on little, but we have always gotten along well. He personally invited me to participate in the Carnival of Ohio Politics because he is more interested in vibrant discourse than echo-chamber politics. When we had occasion to correspond, I always enjoyed the conversation. He will be missed.

Paul wants to see his Carnival survive and to that end, he selected four bloggers to carry it on -- Ben Keeler of the Keeler Political Report, LisaRenee at Glass City Jungle, Jill Zimon at Writes Like She Talks and myself. I am humbled that Paul put me in this group of talented, thoughtful people to carry on his work.

As you can imagine, we've been working behind the scenes to get things in order anticipating Paul's public announcement. Happily, we are ready to roll out the new Carnival of Ohio Politics blog. We decided to set up a separate blog to hold all the Carnivals in one place, and provide a site people can bookmark or feed that will also carry announcements and, if necessary, discussions about rules or new directions for the Carnival.

We will be starting up the Carnival this week with me as the Administrator on duty. I'll have a post up soon with some other information about how the carnival will run for now. In the meantime, you can send your submissions to either the Carnival email address or my personal email address, both of which you will find on the new blog.


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Congrats on snagging the extremely lucrative blogging post as part of the carnival of ohio politics!