Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards on Why She Bothered with Coulter

Since I'm on the Edwards campaign mailing list, I got an email "from" Elizabeth Edwards. While all campaign emails should be taken with some dose of skepticism, I liked this one and choose to believe it reflects Ms. Edwards' thoughts:

    Last night I had an important talk with Ann Coulter and I want to tell you what happened.

    On Monday, Ann announced that instead of using more homophobic slurs to attack John, she will just wish that John had been "killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

    Where I am from, when someone does something that displeases you, you politely ask them to stop.
    So when I heard Ann was going to be on "Hardball" last night, I decided to call in and ask her to engage on the issues and stop the personal attacks. I told her these kinds of personal attacks lower our political dialogue at precisely the time when we need to raise it, and set a bad example for our children.

    How did she respond? Sadly, perhaps predictably, with more personal attacks.

    John's campaign is about the issues—but pundits like Ann Coulter are trying to shout him down. If they will not stop, it is up to us cut through the noise. [Emphasis mine.]
I like it. I like the notion of Elizabeth Edwards as the genteel southern lady trying to talk reason to Coulter's gum-snapping floozy. Of course, Coulter isn't actually foul-mouthed down home trailer trash, she just plays one on TV. Still, as dramatis personae, I find it agreeable.

But since I'm not a genteel southern lady, I have to ask: Just how f*cking batsh*t crazy do you think our friends on the right would go if, say, Cindy Sheehan had publicly fantasized about George Bush meeting violent death? I think so too.


TBMD said...

Edwards desperately needs Ann Coulter to make money. In order to keep him from having to spend his own. Specifically, the campaign needs to generate controversy to take the heat off of Edward’s house, haircuts, hedge fund employment, and the fact that he makes more in a single anti-poverty speech than Thompson averaged in years of lobbying. And let’s not forget that his anti-poverty center was a front operation to keep his political team together.

Interesting link to the Media Matters transcript on what Coulter said is here.

I’m not a Coulter supporter; she’s too reckless a bomb thrower for my taste. But Edwards is an empty suit and expensive haircut.

But from Edward’s perspective, how lame is it that you have to call out your wife to beg that the criticism stop?

John – suck it up, be a man, and fix your campaign. If you want to run on the “two Americas” platform, don’t act like you have already purchased one of them.

Bottom line – Edwards can only aspire to empty suit status. It’s a big upgrade from where he is now – shifty, rent seeking weasel.