Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The B-W Education Poll -- Found

Well, actually I didn't find it so much as project investigator Tom Sutton dropped a comment in the original post giving the address. He had been alerted to my post by Ryan of BlogginRyan (formerly based in SummitCo, now in Atlanta.) And in retrospect I should have written to Tom before kvetching about the lack of online information. I was irate after like ten different searches failed to dig up either the report or the Center website, but no excuse. Bad blogger! No coffee!

So, the website for B-W's new Public Interest Research Center is here and the report pdf of the actual survey is here. From the latter we find that the question about the GIRFOF was:

    15. A coalition of education groups is trying to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution on the ballot in November. If approved, the amendment would require the State Board of Education to determine the cost of a good education for every student in Ohio, and then require the state legislature to provide the funding. The proposal also includes a cap on the level of property taxes paid by senior citizens. What is your opinion?. . .
Which is a pretty solid summary of the proponents' description of the amendment. It doesn't mean GIRFOF fans should breath easy. Given the aforementioned KnowledgeWorks findings that few people have heard of the amendment, this is an indication that when pitched in this way, you get 63% approval at first hearing.

A "No" campaign will take that as a starting point and come up with ways to either move people off the belief that the amendment will do that or move them off the belief that a system like that is a good idea or -- and this is the biggie -- make them nervous about the details. Think about how likely it is that come election day, everyone is going to go into the voting booth thinking only that the amendment is as described in the question above. Now you understand why I say that 13% isn't much room to fall.

The poll itself covers far more ground than just the issues raised in Stephens' article. If I find anything else interesting as I dig around, I'll post.


Jason Haas said...

Well said. The amendment faces the NO campaign hurdle, but the more immediate one is signatures. The August deadline might be a bit flexible. At least, it was under a Blackwell admin, but there's no guidance yet how Brunner's admin will treatment that initial deadline.

Anonymous said...

The poll says that the amendment included a cap on property taxes. It does not. In fact, under the amendment, property taxes would be allowed to rise without a vote, which is exactly the opposite of what was implied by the poll. The poll should have been invalidated.