Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bryan Williams to Become Akron's Joe Scarborough

Term limited state rep and unsuccessful mayoral candidate Bryan-with-a-Y Williams is slated to be Akron's newest radio talker. Openers reports he has a deal for a one-hour show on WHK on Sundays.

Williams is every inch a Republican partisan so the choice feels a bit off at first blush. But since the alternatives for political talk in town are co-Neanderthals Bob Golic and Howie Chizak, Williams can hardly help but elevate the tone.

By the way, it's not easy to pull up any research on Bryan Williams given the common name. Google converts Bryan to the traditional spelling, meaning you get tons of hits about Brian-with-an-I. And by the way, the Summit Co. Republicans Website is offline tonight.


Anonymous said...

i'll have to listen for a good laugh. maybe howie will eat him.

Ben said...

Akron really has a dearth of good political talk. no question about that. then again, there isnt a whole lot to fill a show about akron.

Anonymous said...

my brother and i will beat your ass, we don't even no what neanderthal is

Scott Piepho said...

The Bob Golic Show: So easy a caveman could do it.

Trust me Bob, you don't need your brother to beat my ass. Your brother's partner could beat my ass. And yet I continue to needle you from afar. Ain't the internets great?