Sunday, June 17, 2007

Road Report and Random Ten

I've snuck off to the Brew HaHa! in Trolley Square for a little online time while my family sleeps off our nephew's wedding yesterday. Free wi-fi and 25 cent refills. I'm all over that.

We have one more day here with limited access, then to Chincoteague tomorrow where the main constraint is time.

I'm touched that the anonymouse in the last post was distressed at my being away, but this honestly is the first roadie since January. You all will survive without me, I promise.

Meantime, the road has offered a little material that's in the works.

Now here it is, your moment of ten:

  1. "Days and Days," Concrete Blonde
  2. "Divine Intervention," Matthew Sweet
  3. "Changed Your Mind," Chris Isaak
  4. "Dirt Road Blues," Bob Dylan
  5. "Folsom Prison Blues," Johnny Cash
  6. "New Spanish Two-Step," Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
  7. "Walking by Myself," Jimmy Rogers
  8. "Sir Duke," Stevie Wonder
  9. "Southtown Girls," The Hold Steady
  10. "World Where You Live," Crowded House
There's a recurrent bit in "Southtown Girls" at the beginnings of the verses where the singer recites directions local to his native Twin Cities: "Take Lyndale back to the Southside/Take Nicollet out to the Vietnamese."

Surely Akron would lend itself to something similar. "Take Memorial up to North Hill/Take Archwood out to Firestone Park." Of course we don't have anything called Southtown, so we have to change the chorus.
    Kenmore girls won't blow you away
    But you know that they'll stay.