Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy, Redux.

Got an email from BlueGal, the founder of Blog Against Theocracy. She's at it again:

    I wanted to let you know we are doing another blogswarm from July 1-4 and you are welcome to participate. The "theme" is "separation of church and state is patriotic" but let's face it this is blogging and no one is trying to limit anyone's creativity. Blog about separation of church and state, against theocracy, and you're participating.

    One new feature of this blogswarm is that you will be able to email a link to your blogswarm post and have it appear at the Blog Against Theocracy website right away. I will be sending and posting instructions on this right before the blogswarm.

    Watch the Blog Against Theocracy website for details.
If you recall, I participated in the first BAT swarm basically by criticizing the direction of the venture (and also erroneously crediting/blaming DefCon). I still feel the same. I like the idea of blogswarming church/state issues and hate the "Against" part of it. If I had BlueGal magnitude juice, I'd consider a Blogswarm Against Calling It Blog Against Theocracy.

But instead, I'll contribute, kvetch a bit about the name and leave it at that. Ohio folks should consider getting involved as well. Whether or not we actually fear theocracy, religious liberty is a fine thing to blog for.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

Bwa ha ha Blue Gal was born in Ravenna.

Thanks for the props, no matter whatcha call it, hon.