Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pony Town, Day One

We got into Chincoteague yesterday afternoon. The place has been changing a lot just in the four years we've been coming here.

We've settled into a bit of a first day ritual. After checking in, we buzz the beach a bit. On the way there, a band of ponies was close enough e nough to the road to allow me to take a crappy backlit picture.

From the beach we decamped to our favorite restaurant in town -- Saigon Village. Restaurants in Chincoteage are less than spectacular. For the most part the cuisine is broiled fish, fried fish and Virginia crabcakes, about which the less said the better.

But Saigon Village is a treat -- an authentic Vietnamese restaurant on Main Street by the drawbridge that provides the the only automotive ingress to the island. Someday I'll dig in to how a fishing island turned Eastern Shore tourist spot came by Vietnamese cuisine but for now we just enjoy it.


Jason Haas said...

Speaking of fish, are you dropping a line this year?