Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Akron School Board Member Paul Allison Resigning

Posted today on Ohio.com, Board Member Paul Allison announced he is resigning effective Saturday.

    "Right now, I feel we've made a lot of great strides,'' said Allison, who became emotional during Monday's board meeting, which will be his last. ``We're in a period of growth and calm. I thought that, for me, the timing was good to make the announcement."

    Board President Linda Kersker admitted that she tried to talk Allison out of stepping down, while Superintendent Sylvester Small asked him to serve as his "senior adviser." The two of them, along with the rest of the board, thanked Allison for his service and wished him well.
* * *
    Allison said he didn't want to leave the board until a levy was passed -- which happened in November 2006 -- and three new school board members had the chance to get up to speed on the issues facing the district.

    "When I think about the Akron Public Schools seven years ago, the skies were cloudy," he said. "Today, we're having partly sunny days. I pray there are sunny days ahead."
* * *
    Allison, 53, has been on the board since March 2001, when he was appointed to fill the seat of late, longtime board member Helen Arnold. He served as board president in 2005 and was re-elected to a four-year term that November.

    The school board must choose a replacement for Allison within 30 days of his resignation. To keep the seat, this person would have to run in November, when three other board members will be up for re-election.
As I understand it, the Board is taking resumes from people interested in the position.