Saturday, July 28, 2007

Your Weekend Randomness

*Don't expect much Saturday. I'm heading to Bloggapalooza and not planning to get much blogging done.
*I attended the Akron bloggers meetup Thursday. I'm hoping to get a list of attendees and post something about it.
*I'm totally against the new Underdog movie. Underdog was my guy -- er, my anthropomophized dog -- when I was a lad. I even had the rapid-fire theme song memorized at one point. Now they are taking the names and turning it into a live-action film with dogs as U-dog, Polly Purebread and Riffraff. Appalling. People once said Brandon Tartikoff would put a dog in Hamlet. But even he would know not to put a real dog in Underdog.
*I'm baffled by Michael Vick's apparent involvement in dog fighting. Generally when jocks get into trouble, it's the result of some human frailty. Often the case plays out like a Greek tragedy. This is just a guy who has it all risking it for the sake of bloodsport. ????
*By the way, DisneyChannel dot com has an extended Underdog preview which includes about twenty jokes, none of them funny. And not one rhyme. Unforgivable.
*Just heard about the trade for Kenny Lofton. He's having a good season and is a quality guy. If he finishes his career here, I'll be happy about it. What the Indians need is for Hafner to emerge from his protracted slump, but absent that, I'll take Kenny.
*I'm late to the party, but I'm feeling the push for impeachment after this week. I mean, W. Bush does know we have a Constitution, right?

Now here it is, your Moment of Ten:

1. "Bandit Queen," The Decembrists
2. "Nobody Knows You When Your Down and Out," Derek and the Dominoes
3. "Earn Enough for Us," XTC
4. "Sleep on the Left Side," Cornershop
5. "Jump Up," Elvis Costello
6. "Walk All Over You," AC/DC
7. "Make You Feel My Love," Bob Dylan
8. "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)," Neil Young and Crazy Horse
9. "Slow Leake," Lafayette Leake
10. "You Upset Me Baby," B.B. King


Ivana Taylor said...

I also think there's something "reely" wrong with talking animals in movies. It's not entertaining, it's not funny, but it's probably cheaper than paying for any of the vapid Hollywood twinkles to do it. So goes modern society.

Ryan said...

I have to admire your taste in music, Pho. How was Bloggapalooza?

Danny said...

Dang, I totally disagree. I love trying to imagine what my dog would say if he could talk. I love the idea of the man's best friend you can actually talk to, so I think the interaction between the Jason Lee-voiced beagle and the kid will be cute.