Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Akron Bloggers Group Assembling

Since starting GABB and scrying the blogiverse for Akron bloggers, I've been constantly amazed at how much people are doing without knowing about one-another.

Case in point, Chris at Branding and Marketing announced that ABC -- the Akron Bloggers Community -- is coming together. Her post pointed to Deborah Brown, the lead organizer, at a site called Bizinformer that I had missed up until now.

I checked with both of them about how open this is. They say the group originally came together as a business bloggers group but it's open to anyone who blogs regularly.


Thursday, July 26, 2007
9:30am – 11:00 am
Stow/Monroe Falls Public Library
3512 Darrow Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224

Meanwhile, base on comments I'm not sure they've ever heard of the Cleveland Webloggers MeetUp.

I've wanted to get a local blogger meetup together but we couldn't quite find the critical mass, then time started to crunch. (Since this was started by business bloggers, our conservative friends are welcome to drop comments about market incentives and efficiency.) I'm trying to work some childcare magic so I can attend. That's two days before Blogapalooza, so it will be a community-heavy week. I'll take notes and report.


boringmadedull said...

Ugh. 9.30 - 11.00 AM?

What kind of business bloggers are these? Don't they have real jobs?

Alas, I do. but am willing to consider a vacation day to attend.

Chris Brown said...

Hi Pho:
Thanks for promoting the event.

Yep, "real" jobs... real jobs that tie into and with the business blog. hence, 9:30 -11. You have to be serious about blogging to be there.

For instance, search "branding" in google. The blog hits in the top 20, at least for today.

I don't consider blogging vacation, I guess that's it.

Also, I have seen the Cleveland meet up, but with 152 bloggers involved, it's a bit overwhelming to jump into. Want to see if there is enough Akron interest...
Chris Brown
Branding & Marketing blog

Pho said...

Happy to, Chris. Unfortunately I think a lot of bloggers with day jobs and whose blogs do not directly support their work will have difficult time taking off. Still, I hope to make my life work so that I can meet all of you.