Monday, July 09, 2007

New Akron Blog Spotlights the Right's Favorite Telemarketer

A comment on this post about Rod Parsley led to a new blog in town called Watchdevil. Blogger Alexander promises "Opinion and News Naming the Guilty and Protecting the Innocent.

I know nothing more of Alexander, but his first few posts look promising. Most recently, he wrote a post detailing the business and employment practices of InfoCision, a telemarketing firm with a long list of conservative and Christian Right clients.

As I note in a comment (that hasn't passed through moderation as of this writing) Alexander could do with a little documentation and/or linking. As it is, we have to take his word for it. What little I've been able to find in Google searches backs up the general thrust of his piece, though I've found nothing backing up his claim that Infocision pays the lowest wages in the industry.

One interesting discovery, Village Green posted that InfoCision Chairman Gary Taylor dropped a major contribution for the re-election of intelligent design loving State Board of Ed. member Deborah Owens Fink.


Anonymous said...


Gary Taylor is conservative and has supported many Republican candidates and the local Republican party. Nothing wrong with that.

What about GOJO CEO Joe Kanfer who was Sherrod Brown's campaign co-chair?

Kanfer shipped jobs out of Ohio to their new mfg. plant in right-to-work North Carolina.

Kanfer has done everything to fight union membership in his factories.

Talk about terrible wages. Go to their C.Falls mfg. plan and watch the workers filing out after their shift to catch the buses on State Rd, because they cannot afford a car on what they make.

Oh yes, regarding Infocision, for the second year in a row they have cracked the top 10 in the Ohio Chamber of Commerce's "10 best places to work" annual survey.

I don't see GOJO winning any of those employee awards.....

Anonymous said...

Don't show anymore links to Watchdevil...comments will not be posted until REVIEWED by the blogger...what a chicken####!!!!

So much for healthy debate...

That's why this is such a good site.

Scott Piepho said...

Anon1: Nothing wrong with it, but it's interesting to know that this firm works here in Akron and what it does.

I only mentioned the wage thing because I wanted to underscore that I couldn't find backup for it. I really don't want to get into an argument about whether left-leaning companies are better than right-leaning companies.

Anon2 (if you are someone different from Anon1)

Thanks for the kind words. I'm willing to give Alexander time on this one. It also matters what he will let through. My friend Jill moderates comments but only to screen out libelous material.

Also, I'm still considering disallowing anonymous comments. Hope that doesn't change your opinion too much.

Anonymous said...

First off, I thought everyone knew what Infocision did...secondly, you will find most telemarketing companies have taken a similar tack and have located in areas that have higher unemployment rates and lower wages. That or they A)outsource to India or the Phillipines or B)go out of business. I also appreciate the opportunity to comment here.

Anonymous said...


Keep anonymous comments as long as they add to the discussion....some of like our anonymity!

Anonymous said...

Taylor works with fleecemeisters Hinn, Parsley, and Falwell and somehow that is the same as Kanfer supporting Sherrod Brown? What an utterly ridiculous argument.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Democratic majority in Congress passed some bill, which somehow did not require Bush's signature, making it illegal to do business with right-wingers, I can't figure why this is even being discussed at all.