Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pho's Akron Pages: Mostly Safe for Children

Yglesias points out a tool provided by online dating site Mingle2 that searches a blog and generates an MPAA-style rating. Here's what I get:

As usual, the takeaway is that the tool is a bunch of hooey. I don't know how far back the tool searches, but I've dropped the f*bomb more that once in the past. I've also used "gay" way more than twice. Meanwhile, I can't find anywhere that I've used "poop." Except for just now.

Still I think PG is about right. Maybe PG-13 when things get particularly salty in comments. And as a bonus, most kids would find most of the blog intolerably boring before getting to any dicey stuff.


k-pho said...

Um, actually you have a label that includes the word poop.

If they were keying in 'douchbag', I know you'd get rated 'R'

Jill said...

The words death pain and dead earned me a PG-13. too much

Anonymous said...

I was rated "G".

I guess I need to work on destroying my clean cut milktoasty image...


Scott Piepho said...


Thx. Funny how Blogger's internal search engine doesn't pick that up. It also shows the limits of the tool -- I used "poop" in an entirely non-scatalogical sense.

Jill and LR:

I love the contrasts. I especially live knowing that they amp you up for "pain" and "death." Pace K, I'd be less comfortable with my kids reading my anti-Pullins douchebag blasts than Jill talking gently about mortality.

Jill said...

Why thank you, Pho! I guess there's no rating for how you say it, just what you say, hm? The problem with computers.

Anonymous said...

Got a new idea for a PlunderShirt now!

Plunderbund: G Rated Blog Goodness Since 2005!

...too funny.

Jason Haas said...

PBD2 = G, one instance of "screwing".

PBD v1 = also G, one instance of "dead".

I wonder how dead screwing would rate?

Village Green said...

The Village Green is rated R for Radical, perhaps? Or perhaps for all the Storm Large videos. No, it is for five references to "death," two for "suicide" and "sex."

Anonymous said...

I got a PG-13 over 4 instances of the word "gun" (3 of those in an item about mandatory sentencing guidelines) and one instance of the word "bastard" (in my blogroll).