Friday, July 13, 2007

Highland Square in a State of FLUX

I drove through Highland Square today and noticed a sign in the window of, well, of The Part of the Big Building that Doesn't House Chipotle. It says tomorrow night The Part of the Big Building that Doesn't House Chipotle will house a one-night art show called Flux. The show will feature artists local to the neighborhood. As of this morning the floor of the space was gravel and the only art was a large pottery piece recognizably made by a potter who works out of a storefront on Doppler.

Other than the signs on TPBBDHC, I've heard nothing about it. According to the sign, the show is sponsored by Albrecht, Inc. which may explain things. It will be interesting to see how well it is attended by Square folk.


Sick of the Square said...

Nothing is well-attended by Highland Square residents other than their little protest rallies to save the dilapidated theater that none of them supported in the first place. I don't see why this will be any different.

boringmadedull said...

Bummer - Boring Daughter #2 is a photographer, and a talented one that that. Never heard of the show or submission deadlines, etc.

As for Sick of the Square, all I can say is, pick a nice summer night, and go eat out on the sidewalk at Alladin's.

Case closed.

Pho said...


Great thing is, whatever case you try to make, that does indeed pretty much close it.