Saturday, July 07, 2007

Totally Random

Heavy busy weekend. Last night the Family Pho checked out the Akron Family Barbecue. Today we are going to week 2 of Boston Mills ArtFest and tonight heading to an Aeroes game. And I'm working under a couple of deadlines. So not much posting in store.

I knew that the jury reached a verdict in the Moonda trial last night. News trucks from Cleveland and Pittsburgh parked up the front of the Federal courthouse and guys were already doing their standups as we approached the festivities downtown. She was found guilty, by the way.

If you read Bill Sloat's piece about Connie Schultz, be sure to read the comments. Chris Adams Baker points out that the Scene Mag blogger distorted Schultz's recounting of the incident and Bill pretty much backed off much of the post. I have a copy of the book and hope to post more detailed thoughts later.

Interesting comments slugfest on Columbuser about whether Jerid is being dishonest when he tags the Ohio GOP with the work of the increasingly unhinged Matt Naugle.

I didn't get to my post for Blog Against Theocracy -- this week's Carnival took care of that. The links to BAT are up. I haven't waded through, but looking at what's there I'm a little concerned.

Matt at Lincoln Logs had a much better idea for July 4th blogging: A list of the best sports movies of all time.

Speaking of sports, I've been perusing some lifetime stats and have concluded that -- brace yourselves -- Manny Ramierez is a lock for the Hall of Fame. Assuming an average year for him, he will end up with over 500 home runs and 1500 RBI, along with a batting average over .300. Everyone who has been out over five years who has either 500 homers or 1500 RBI is in, and he will have both. When he came up, everyone saw immense talent at the sort of flaky personality that usually squanders that talent. Surprise -- 13 years in he's maintained that productivity. Luckily, the Hall doesn't deduct points for being picked off base.

By the way, the Carnival is starting to generate real traffic for me, which it hasn't before. Just another reason for people to participate.

Now here it is, your Moment of Ten:

1. "Good Rockin' Tonight," Elvis Presley
2. "Let the Good Times Roll," Louis Jordan
3. "Sleep Like a Child," Joss Stone
4. "Answering Machine," The Replacements
5. "Red Light Indicates the Doors are Secured," Arctic Monkeys
6. "High and Dry," Radiohead
7. "Roof with a Hole," Meat Puppets
8. "Stand Back," The Allman Brothers Band
9. "Turd on the Run," Rolling Stones
10. "Cold Shot," Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.


John Ettorre said...

This is an important reminder that much of what appears in Scene and other of its disreputable New Times/Village Voice sister pubs is often fundamentally not credible. It's often overhyped and tabloidy crap, not unlike Murdoch's NY Post.