Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Notes

Much of what has been going through my head today:

> This has been a trying day. On the one hand Kid T was in one of her Moods. Stop me if you've heard this one before, but my five year old hates to wait for stuff. On the other hand each kid participated in three different activities and I went the entire day without hearing a complaint about boredom which is a first for the summer. Combined, all that made for less, and less substantive posting than is normal even in the lazy hazy crazies. And I’m effing exhausted.

> K-Pho has been hitting my box with the war of words between the United Nations Foundation and . . . Megadeath. Apparently the thrash band’s founder Dave Mustaine sang some ugly things about the UN and the Foundation’s blog offered a stanza-by-stanza response. And now Mustaine has volleyed back. All makes for amusing reading.

> I’ve been doing better about hitting the key so keep an eye on the sidebar. Tasty Links were almost never used, so I stopped posting them, by the way.

> My digital camera is dying. Foolishly I’ve let some stories slide because I couldn’t get a decent picture. Included among those was reporting on the skill game parlors in the Merriman Valley, but Kyle and Ben did a far better job than I would have anyway.

> The death throes of the digital camera also accounts for me not doing any dinner posts. It’s devilishly hard to make a photo of food look as good as in real live, but blurry food never looks appetizing.

> According to Technorati, BizzyBlog is the first to post a Carnival Politics Banner on his sidebar. Props to Biz. If you are second I'll link to you as well. Yes, I'm willing to whore linkage to get the word out. That's how much I care.

> Speaking of the Carnival, Dan Moultrop mentioned it on air on Thursday's Reporters Roundtable since Jill was one of the panelists. It's right at the end, literally the last couple of minutes of the broadcast.

> I have my monthly trek to C-bus tomorrow so you will probably have to do without me until the evening. Did I mention there’s some cool stuff in the feed?

> We had the first Graf Growers corn of the season. Slim pickings in the bin – it really brings you face up with the droughtishness we’ve been experiencing.

> I now know that if my blog ever feels lonely, I need only say unflattering things about Dennis Kucinich to rectify the situation.

> I’ve updated the blogroll again with a bunch of national blogs I more or less follow. I’ve decided that my blogroll always needs one woman blogger who stands well to the left of me politically and writes so well she’s hot. And I’ve decided that Blue Gal ranks higher on the fine writing=hotness scale than Bitch Ph.d.

> The summer is more or less half over. Since my job became taking care kids the summers seem to shoot by much faster. This summer I’ve personally taken on far less than usual and still the time is evaporating.

Now here it is, your Moment of Ten:
  1. "Again and Again," The Bird and the Bee
  2. "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from Me," Billie Holliday
  3. "Too Much," Dave Matthews Band
  4. "How Blue Can You Get?" B.B. King
  5. "Thin Blue Flame," Josh Ritter
  6. "My Days Are Numbered," Blood Sweat and Tears
  7. "Fu-Gee-La," The Fugees
  8. "Corpus Christie Carol," Jeff Buckley
  9. "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey," The Feelies
  10. "Foolish Heart," The Mavericks


Jill said...

Great post, Pho. I put the banner up in my sidebar - no note of it in Technorati? Did I not do something right? (wouldn't suprise me with this stuff)

Anonymous said...

Try listening to The Good The Bad and The Queen too.

sab said...

My mother always used to respond to complaints about boredom by suggesting that the only children who were bored were those who weren't bright enough to amuse themselves. We took the comments to heart. You'll have to ask my mother if she had regrets about giving us free rein to entertain ourselves.

Pho said...


To clarify, Biz is the first aside from the four administrators. Technorati shows all of us.