Friday, July 13, 2007

Vegas, Atlantic City, Akron

Kyle from The Chief Source and Ben from Keeler Political Report today posted reports with video about the "skill games" parlors opening in The Valley. There are now two on Portage Path and one on Merriman in the convenience store there.

The reports are great. The boys when in and tried their hands and Kyle, having just returned from Vegas, offers expert testimony that this is gambling:

I've been watching these parlors for a while but haven't gotten around to posting yet. You can read my previous thoughts about the skill games issue.

Some additional thoughts:

Honestly, if I had the choice between allowing table games and undercover slots, I'd go with the table games which are incrementally less evil.

The City of Green is considering licensing skill games which should make for a home rule battle with conservatives on the side of cities for a change.

The latest information I can find on the efforts to legislatively proscribe skill games is from July first. By the way, that article quotes the operator of an Akron game parlor, but it doesn't say which one.

I'll try to track down what is happening with the court case, settlement and public records controversy that prompted the last post on the issue and post an update.


Ben said...

It is gambling. Really no other way to describe it. Thanks for the link.

Kyle said...

Well said Ben. We neglected to mention how depressing the atmosphere is in there too. It is really bad.

Thanks Pho for the link.