Saturday, July 21, 2007


Of all these crazy weekdays, Fridays are the hardest. Mostly it’s because we have to get going early and normally mornings when the kids are still sleeping is prime blog time.

AMC is running a summer show called Mad Men about a Madison Avenue ad firm in 1960. It’s been getting mad buzz, so I checked it out last night. It’s good. I wonder about the authenticity of the institutionalized sexual harassment, but overall, it’s good TV.

Tonight is Harry Potter night. We went to Peninsula for the Potter festivities there, but I’m not doing midnight madness. I’ll happily pick up our copy tomorrow morning.

Fashion finally appears to be moving off the bare midriff look. I went shopping with Kid Z the other day and the “in” thing seems to be very long tops to drop well below the tops of low-rise jeans. Kid Z is ten, so we’re feeling happy about the timing here at the House of Pho.

The Dispatch dropped a Breaking News email on me this afternoon to say that their reviewer got a copy of the new Harry Potter. They didn’t reveal the ending, but said it is good. That’s exactly why I subscribe to breaking news alerts.

Since I started blogging Top Chef, I’ve gotten multiple hits from people searching for bikini shots of Camilla and Casey. Things like that crack me up.

I’m worried about C.C. Sabathia. Sometimes you see a guy put together a complete game with lots of pitches and suddenly he’s not the same the rest of the season CC did that twice and now he looks tired.

I’m hoping to write up some detailed thoughts about the independent report on the Vinson case by the Cuyhoga County Prosecutor. For now: I’m underwhelmed.

Now here it is, your Moment of Ten:

1. “Black and White,” Earl Robinson
2. “Broken Train,” Beck
3. “Morning Glory,” Blood, Sweat and Tears
4. “I’m Waiting for the Man,” Velvet Undergroud
5. “Tennessee,” Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys
6. “Poor Boy,” Steve Earle
7. “Another Man Done Gone,” Irma Thomas
8. “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream,” Bob Dylan
9. “Unsatisfied,” The Replacements
10. “Runnin’ Down and Dream,” Tom Petty


Anonymous said...

CC is going through his dead arm phase. I think he's going to be OK. Just glad Fausto isn't going through it at the same time. Esp with the way Lee & Westbrook are going this year.