Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Carnival Number Seventy Five

Jill has the latest up. Significant developments: Two Three new bloggers, Columbuser , NEOBabble and King's Right Site. (Jill also counts Into My Own, but OhioDave made his debut in Carnival #72.)(And now suddenly I sound like someone writing a letter into Marvel Comics.)

NEOBabble also marks the first time to my knowledge that a blog affiliated with a mainstream media outlet appears on the Carnival. Yes we are bloggers and by reputation we are supposed to be all in the grille of the MSM and all, but when we say all are welcome, all are welcome. Yes, I'm looking at you, Eric.

EDITED per Jill in comments.


Jill said...

Nice job there, Pho!! That would be great to Eric Mansfield to contribute and I didn't know Dave had submitted before - sorry I missed that.

Also new was Ralph King of King's Right Site. I actually really like King because I just do not know what to expect from him, and that's kind of good I think.