Thursday, July 12, 2007

Breaking: Russ Pry Is New County Executive

From the Beacon Journal:

    The Summit County Democratic Central Committee has tapped county Democratic Party Chairman Russell M. Pry to be the new county executive.

    Tonight's vote at Akron's North High School was 201-38.

    Pry will finish the term of the now-retired James McCarthy and will have the option of running for election to a full four-year term in November 2008.
From Akron News Now:
    While gaining this position, he'll have to resign from the Akron Public Library Board and Summit County Board of Elections. But that's not a concern to him, right now he wants to focus on the county and the economy was the topic of discussion.

    He was pleased to be chosen and said that his leadership in the community makes him qualified for the job.
ANN also has audio up of Russ talking about economic development.

Absent word that he plans to step down as Party Chair, we presume he will not. Which will be interesting.


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