Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What John Kerry Thinks Is an Emergency.

I got an email yesterday from John Kerry asking me to consider an Emergency Donation to one of five Congressional candidates he is highlighting.

    The final week of this dramatic campaign is almost here. And these five House candidates need one last, powerful infusion of funds to push their way past a vicious final week assault from running-scared Republicans.

    That's why we're issuing this emergency candidate alert.
Two from Ohio. One is John Cranley. Fair enough.

The other? I can think of lots of possibilities. Mary Jo Kilroy? Bob Schamansky? Maybe internals for Lew Katz looking up?


Betty Sutton.

Really? Polling over 50% in a dark blue district and RCCC pulled away from her opponent – that Betty Sutton? Apparently:
    Also in Ohio, our fifth and final emergency slate candidate is Betty Sutton. Her opponent has been relentlessly on the attack, challenging Sutton for her strong stances on Roe v. Wade and civil liberties.
No idea what this means. Are the internals suddenly off? Did Foltin get an infusion of cash? Sutton’s camp isn’t commenting. Meanwhile,

Interestingly, this isn’t the most questionable decision coming from John Kerry over the past couple days. Can we all just knowingly look across the table at each other and understand that this man will never get near the Presidential nomination again?


Ryan said...

John Kerry couldn't tell an emergency from a hole in the ground...

Scott Piepho said...

Dave, get a life, or, barring that, find somewhere else to vent your folly. You are banned here, under whatever nom de comment you try to hide behind.